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Lounging in style

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and working or schooling from home, life can start to feel very *bleh* when all you wear on the day to day are old t-shirts from high school or those sweatpants that are comfortable but are riddled with holes. One thing that I can attest to is theContinue reading “Lounging in style”

Oversized isn’t all bad

Initially, I thought that wearing oversized clothing was for loungewear. When I thought cute and oversized, I thought of that old sweatshirt that you would have from your dad or your boyfriend. I did not think of big clothing as something that was stylish. Now, I have a drastically different opinion. From button downs, toContinue reading “Oversized isn’t all bad”

Layering jewelry

My favorite thing about jewelry is putting it all together at once. (Yes, these are the gold chains that I am always wearing.) Layering pieces like this is not just a technique with necklaces though. I enjoy layering my earrings, rings and necklaces. There is something special about layering these different pieces together. By doingContinue reading “Layering jewelry”

Skirts don’t have to make “dressy” outfits

Nowadays for young people, dresses and skirts are automatically categorized to be dressy. Many are so used to exclusively wearing dresses to church, weddings, and graduations. Because of this, we’re hesitant to integrate skirts and dresses into our day to day style. If you find yourself doing this, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage! Don’tContinue reading “Skirts don’t have to make “dressy” outfits”


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Hello friend! My name is Micah and I’m here to help you out with your style. It can be hard to put things together when you’re constantly on the go. Follow along with me for quick tips on looking stylish when your life is nonstop.

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